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You may like junk food but at least once a week you’d like to taste a big juicy piece of meat! Bodybuilder Tatum is definitely that piece of meat here in Armada. Dominant hairy master gets this bodybulder as a reward for merciless and harshness towards his obedient gay sluts.
Master rigid cock is straining against his pants as he sees Tatum’s sexy nipples and perfect cock ready for abuse.
The dom attaches the nipple clamps to his tender nubs and viciously moves them making miserable slut moan with pain and anger. Tatum’s nasty mouth is spider gagged and made to serve master’s rockhard prick.
The master gets so horny that can’t wait any longer and slams his huge shaft into slave’s shaved boypussy, Tatum squirming as fuck and bellowing for mercy.

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Damien Moreau awaits in the dungeons to welcome new house dom Sebastian Keys. Painful clover clamps pinch down the boy’s torso as Mr Keys flogs away at his backside. Bent over against the pillar, Damien has his cock and hole inspected before taking Sebastian’s hard cock deep in his ass. The bound stud is then challenged with an intense inverted suspension as he’s made to swallow his master’s hard cock. With his arms bound behind his back, Damien’s neck is tied down to a heavy rock to hold him in place. With crop in hand, Mr Keys orders his boy to lick his boots before spreading the boy’s ass for a final fuck. After taking his master’s load all over his face, Damien cums all over Mr Keys’ boot before licking up every drop.

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Dominic Pacifico endures the tying up of his genitals

The Master likes watching the hardcore dildo sex. However, before this action he enjoys preparing his slaves for this dildo fucking. He has some gay fucking machines, and likes testing them on his slaves. Today the Master selected his slave, Dominic Pacifico for this game. And first he decided to tie up him and wind the rope around his cock and balls.

Dominic Pacifico endures the tying up of his genitals

Dominic Pacifico is a slave. His owner is the Ass Master. He has some slaves and he likes punishing, humiliating them, make the rough dildo penetration. All the slaves live in the old, deserted prison. And today the Ass Master selected Dominic to humble and fuck him with the monster dildo. Dominic likes being the slave. He adores the ass ripping and dreams to be banged with the massive dildo and with the hardcore fucking machines. Today the Master wants to play the performance and be the onlooker of the wild dildo sex. And Dominic must play his role very well, otherwise the Master will punish him hardly.

Dominic is nude. He wears only briefs. His is a young man about 25 years old, beautiful and athletic. And he dreams to be fucked with mechanical fucking machines and feel in his ass the gigantic dildo. The Master ordered him: “Incline! Down your briefs! And show me your ass!” Dominic obeyed. He enjoys doing the exhibitionism and showing his ass to the Master. Dominic’s anal orifice is small. “It will be very pleasant and provocative to widen it with the monster dildo!”, – the Master thought. He is satisfied. Dominic is a good and resigned slave.

The Master decided to tie up his slave. He commanded to Dominic: “Lie down! Move apart your legs!” Dominic lay on his back and moved apart his legs. The Master tied up slave’s thighs and hands to the slab. Dominic couldn’t move in this position. So, the Master could do everything with his cock and balls! So, before the dildo banging the Master decided to tie up Dominic’s dick and bollocks with the rope. He began to wind the rope around Dominic’s genitals. The Master tightened the rope closely. So, Dominic’s cock and balls got red. First Dominic felt the pain, but after some minutes he had a sensation of the arousal, and his dick became strong.

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Varieties Of Gay Bondage Gear

A large subculture of gay men became identified with the BDSM culture in its formative days, identifiable by their fetishization of leather and bondage regalia so intricate in form and function that it reached a level of bondage art. Apparel that’s geared for role-play along with the accompanying devices to fully realize a role-play fantasy are at the crux of gay men’s preferred bondage gear, and the elaborate and beautiful design of the leather and latex garments they wear is recognized as bondage art by BDSM enthusiasts.
Leather garments used in gay bondage fantasies and worn as bondage art statements are far from purely functional. Zippers, metallic studs, and other embellishments make a fashion statement that’s unique to each leather man. For restraining play, leather masks may be put on the submissive to increase the sense of subservience to his master and with masks that restrict vision; the sensory deprivation can heighten the erotic feeling of vulnerability. Many masks are considered bondage art due to the aesthetic incorporation of studs and zippers in their design.

Bondage toys used in corporal punishment are also part of gay men’s bondage regalia, and can be considered as bondage art when carefully coordinated with an ensemble. Don’t think that the leather floggers and riding crops are purely for display, though. Bondage art they may be, but they also provide electrifyingly erotic thrills of pain for the sub who’s on the receiving end of their wicked touch.

The eclectic array of fashions and accessories in leather men’s BDSM arsenal makes an aesthetic statement unique to bondage art while allowing them to realize their bondage fantasies to the fullest. No other type of sensual accessories matches the marriage of aesthetics and function found in gay bondage gear.

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Hello my dear readers. Today i present to you new extreme gay bdsm site 30 Minutes of Torments. New site that takes gay bondage BDSM to the next level. 30 Minutes of Torment is a BDSM game show featuring the hottest male volunteer, with perfect physical prowess, to be challenged by Van Darkholme’s torment.

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Doug Acre endures heavy corporal and intense water torment before he’s challenged to blow his load.

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Gang leader Lee wanted to leader his right wing group of thugs into starting a new nation, but in the hands of >StraightHell he’s turned into a whimpering fuck toy for male desire. Strung up in humiliating bondage he is gagged and his clothes are sliced off from his body. His hard golden-blonde body is thrashed with a heavy prison strap and his pristine virgin ass is fingerfucked. His cock is electrocuted and he’s treated to the most excruciating bastinado. Laughing down into his enraged red face two men take turns fucking him hard and savoring the feeling of their stiff dicks up his straight asshole.