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Tied with leather chains Randy is unable to move a single inch. He gets slapped and beaten before the soldier slowly shaves his hair and pubes. Spit runs down the humble guyґs face.

Randy got beaten. He hot face-fucked. But his torment is going on. Radovan wants to humiliate the arrogant cunt. He tied the passed out guy to a wooden chair. His feet and hands are fixed with leather chains. His head is covered with his undies and spit still runs out of his mouth when Radovan finally enters the room again.
He gives his catch a good face-slap. Then he pulls the undies away and stares into the fearful eyes of his prisoner. What a rude awaking. Randy is terrified as he has no clue what is going to happen to him now. Radovan lines up his tools. A scissor, a shaver and several other evil toys. He starts to cut the shirt of the boy. Then he grabs the hair of the cunt. He randomly cuts them before he starts the hair clipper.
Randy starts to struggle. But he canґt even move a single inch. His tormentor slowly cuts his hair. Down to half a centimeter. Then he even shaves his pubic hair and chest. What a pitiful view. The soldier paints tits around the boyґs nipples and writes “Bitch” on his body. But Radovan isn’t yet fully satisfied with his artwork. He starts the shaver again. Time to trim the hair a little bit shorter. And he decorates the guyґs face and body with spit.