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Ace Rockwood returns to dominate another little bitch. This time it’s the muscled Dillon Diaz, who can barely contain his excitement at working with Kink again, and especially with taking whatever Ace decides to dish out. Ace hits Dillon with full a full suspension, a deep hard anal fucking, flogging, electro-paddling, machine fucking and face fucking. They start with Dillon backed against a wall while Ace takes advantage of him, establishing immediately that he’s going to do whatever he wants with this stud. He spanks him and paddles him, then shoves his face deep in his ass to get that hole ready for what’s to come. Dillon immediately slips into his submissive role, eager to please. Ace uses an electrified paddle to give Dillon a double dose of pain. He then suspends Dillon, completely upside down, with his hands ties behind his back. Dillon can only hang there and accept the hard sting of a flogger, before Ace shoved his massive cock into his throat. Dillon takes the face fucking deep and hard, getting that giant dick soaked with spit. Ace sucks Dillon’s cock at the same time, then spins him around to torment his hole with his tongue once again. Dillon is a good little bitch, thanking his master unprompted for the pain and pleasure. Ace then puts Dillon on his back with his lets held apart by rope, and shoves a fucksaw deep into his hungry hole. Dillon’s gagged, but his screams come through loud and clear as he’s machine fucked. Ace finally decides his toy is ready for a real dick. So he slams his beast into his hole and fucks him. That hole is ready, but it still stretches tight with that fat cock rooted in it. Ace slams Dillon hard while jerking his cock, then makes him cum. Then Ace stands above his fuck toy and shoots his fat load all over his face.

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Damon Spirit be chained inside manacles, attentive inside Dominic Pacifico’s basement, plus he’s be safe downward intended for fairly a as. The difficulty be, he be able to’t stay his dirty, backtalkin’ lips close. Awaiting he do, Dominic have determined so as to the small pierce be leaving in the direction of obtain usual whippings, mouth poundings, plus butt poundings. He’ll exist shamed plus beleaguered awaiting he shut the fuck awake plus take his penalty. The sight open by means of Damon inside manacles, eyes covered. Dominic arrive, plus right away the insolence as of Damon begin. Once more. Dominic have have sufficient. He rip rotten Damon’s underwear plus gag him by means of it, slap him. He after that give Damon an strong beating, zigzag awake intended for an in the end influential two-handed hit. Other than Damon keep talkin’ rear, consequently Dominic keep dishing absent the cruelty. He frequently use the bug zapper on top of him, appalling him frequently, every one as Damon be motionless eyes covered. Other than Dominic’s not complete by means of this smart-ass banger up till now. He tie him awake plus subject his dick in the direction of a high-quality firm crop. He after that attach atrocious small scrape clothespins in the direction of his nips as he toy by means of his dick. He let Damon downward plus make him suck his broad dick, mouth fucking the cheeky sub. Eventually he put Damon inside a incomplete postponement, by means of his absent gam awake, ideal intended for fucking so as to taut butt. He slam Damon’s starving fuckhole, after that fucks his lips from side to side a spider choke. Dominic blow his burning fountain every one in excess of his sub’s countenance, after that manacles him awake plus foliage him present in the direction of believe concerning come again? his insolence have known him. Inside Dominic’s nonattendance, her jerk his dick plus shoot a overweight pile of jizz on top of the real ground. Other than Dominic comebacks, annoyed so as to his small fuck plaything just come with no consent. He use the bug zapper once more, perturbing a exhausted, hammered plus fully-fucked Damon.

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Gay dominant Army soldiers

Be sure to check out what happens to a not real bright boy on his way home from church and he encounters horny, gay dominant Army soldiers. He gets hauled off to a holding cell where he gets tightly bound and gagged. Hear him try to cry out as his clothes are cut off and torn from his body. He then is forced to endure being bound to a table and savagely spanked. Don’t miss the way he must submit to having hard cocks shoved down his throat before his asshole is brutally assaulted by all the gay dominant soldiers.

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Bound Gods gets really freaky and wild with the hottest gay doms getting all brutal and wild with their muscular gay boys.White stud Kyler Ash turned into the fuck puppet, getting tied up by large leather straps and treated and fucked up by the aggressive black gay stud.

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After getting his face suffocated by the large palms of the black seducer, he was put into a round sling and got his ass hammered in by the forceful huge shaft that made his tight hole rip right open. The kinky and hot gay bondage sex was really brutal and harsh, getting the white slave screaming for mercy as he was roughed up from the front. This gay bdsm will treat you to the roughest bondage fucking that you will ever see, with the tight ass getting stretched out by all of the forceful blows it gets.

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A botched mission. Gay military domination

A hot gay dominator gets a naughty and muscular gay stud into control and whipped into a submissive and obedient slave.This soldier has his dick weighed down by large metal weights, while his mouth is stretched and he is suspended in the air. Once the first treatment gets him squealing, he will be stretched up and has his body filled with harsh clamps that are administered all over his soft flesh. Enjoy the show and watch the wild gay dominator get his teeth around the cock of his slave and start biting his hard rod.

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Things get really hot and wild once a hot dominator finds the boy next door sneaking around in his apartment. It seems that he left the keys visible out in the hall, and the bald stud strutted his ass in at the wrong time. The powerful gay punisher arrived home early to find the guy in his place, so he decided a rough gay bdsm treatment was in place to get him learning his lesson about trespassing.
The sexy boy gets blindfolded and stripped down to his white underwear, before he is tied up and is whipped by large leather straps. His body gets red and start stinging from the repeated blows he gets, before getting stripped totally naked and walked around on a collar and chain like a little obedient puppy. This humiliation and degrading gets him doing all of the perverted things that his master wants. Pretty soon even diving down and sucking off the thick and juicy shaft.

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Alexander will have his body stripped naked, before getting a rope attached around his neck, and pulled onto the thick shaft of the aggressive seducer.
The bed post gets used to have the muscular stud tied up and stretched, ready to be whipped and spanked by the harsh bondage toys that are pulled out to get him tamed. Once the obedient gay guy has his back and ripe ass turning red from all the scars that start covering his skin, he will start choking on the punisher’s feet to get him totally humiliated and degraded. The gay bdsm will get even wilder once some stinging clamps are attached to his nipples and he gets a ball gag inserted in his face to prevent him from screaming out loud while being fucked.

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Slave is taken under control of one really muscular and large gay dominator

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Things get really brutal and wild at Bound Gods, when a slave boy is taken under control of one really muscular and large gay dominator. The naughty guy will have his eyes taped shut before he receives the large cock in his mouth to get it lathered up. Once the heat is high things get all crazy and pretty soon he is stripped and finds himself bound up by heavy rope bondage and ready to be whipped.

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Patient Giving Rough Gay Bondage Treatment To Doctor

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There is nothing better than watching the tables turned and seeing a mental patient get the dcotor treated and whipped for all of the mean and cruel treatment he has gotten over the years. This hot gay stud is a true dominator when it comes to payback, and after being locked up in a cell for a wrong reason, he repeatedly received some really nasty treatments. Finally once he got himself prepared and pumped, he was ready to treat one of the young slender guards in some brutal gay bdsm fucking.

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Bound Gods features all of the hottest and wildest bondage sex that you will love to watch, with the hottest gay male studs getting treated like slaves by their punishers. These gorgeous muscular baitbuddies will get their bodies stripped totally naked before they have heavy clamps and chains attached to their skin and arms. Once they are tied up and bound, the gay bondage sex is ready to begin, getting them all lathered up in oil to have their tight asses fucked.
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